Basis of Building Relationships


In the past decade business has been influenced by so many new creative minds and technologies that have truly changed the ways that companies communicate with one another. Both internally and externally there are new systems of acquiring clients, employees, and partners. The access to reach many more potential contacts to network and build relationships can be overwhelming and should be used within the best interest of all parties. Being there are so many mediums to contact one another on, there is no limit for not being able to get in contact with a desirable networking prospect.

Within talent acquisition every new relationship is a connection that opens up multiple doors to success. By connecting with potential candidates and clients there is a network being created to share opportunity or assist in finding top talent to grow within an organization. When working with new companies or names in the industry the most important factor of building that relationship is trust. Trusting your client or candidate and allowing them to have that same respect for you is what will give the connection reliability and the potential to bring success to multiple parties over the longevity of the partnership.

The best way to develop a longstanding relationship with clients and candidates involves open and honest communication throughout the process of a project. Being a resource and working together yields the best results for both parties. Feedback is necessary for all around growth and improvement as well. Following a plan towards a common goal involves leadership all around. Success has been reached by achieving what was intended while learning something new on the way and each day at work there are new relationships to be made and nurtured.

By: Jessica Perri
Executive Recruiter At David Gomez & Associates