Choosing Talent In The Nonprofit Sector

“Regardless of the size of an organization or the extent of its resources, the organization survives — and thrives — because of the capabilities and performance of its people.” –Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD

Everyone has always been told there is no I in team, but there is an I in the word win. The people that make up your organization are the team that is needed to succeed. The winning comes from a great leader that understands what it takes to help their team be the best they can be. Being a leader and choosing what is best for your organization is a factual matter, but it also must come from within.

Talent management is vital to the fate of an organization because without that leader; the team will collapse. Within nonprofit organizations the mission and values are held to an even greater standard than for profit companies because their operations are focused on achieving that mission. This requires an ethical commitment from the leadership team to be an example of living out that reputation.

The ability to lead or be a part of a nonprofit organization is a different skill set of a for profit company. Through the human resources function of recruiting and placement it is essential to make sure volunteers and employees are in the right place and being recognized for their skills. During the recruiting process it is extremely important to make sure that the leader is there for all the right reasons and dedicated to helping the cause. It is also important to recognize that the staff and mission are aligned with the same goals. By asking the right interview questions and digging beyond the numbers, recruiters can fully vet the right candidates for leadership roles.

Making a switch from for profit to nonprofit can be a challenge. When choosing the best leaders for your nonprofits it is about finding the individual who will dedicate themselves to putting their best foot forward every day for the cause. When your leader is passionate and committed to the goals, it is easier to translate that energy to the entire organization. Talent management is the foundation of all organizations because it is more than an employee’s hard work that goes into building something great.

Contributed By: Jessica Perri

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