Elm City Communities Housing Authority of the City of New Haven

The Housing Authority of New Haven (HANH) retained David Gomez & Associates (DG&A) this year as their trusted executive search partner, to recruit HANH’s next Chief Financial Officer and Comptroller.

The Housing Authority of New Haven’s Elm City Communities works to provide affordable community living and quality of life services to more than 1,900 families, within their 2,500 units. HANH’s residents are comprised of low-income and middle-income households, families with children, seniors, disabled, young couples starting off, people in a career transition, and those residents saving to buy a house of their own.

In 2001, HANH received HUD status as a Moving to Work (MTW) agency. They are one of 34 MTW agencies nationwide (According to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 2013). Becoming a MTW agency has allowed Elm City Communities to renovate their senior housing and increase their number of accessible units, in order to accommodate their residents with disabilities.

HANH is looking to fill the positions of Chief Financial Officer and Comptroller in order to successfully develop and implement appropriate procedures relating to the financial management of the organization.

The Chief Financial Officer will be responsible for the development and implementation of programs and procedures to ensure compliance with the Federal Annual Contribution Contract (ACC). The ACC requires that: the Authority, among other things, properly manages its funds without waste, fraud, or mismanagement and maintains the accounting books and records in accordance with applicable federal regulations. The CFO will also be responsible for preparing annual operating and capital budget for the agency, preparing the five –year capital plan for the agency, and develop and implement procedures to ensure internal control over the financial management of the agency. The hired candidate will assist the Executive Director with formulating and developing Agency policies and developing long-range goals and objectives, and recommends administrative changes necessary to meet Agency goals.

The Comptroller will be responsible for implementing internal control procedures relating to the financial management of the organization. They will direct the operation of the general ledgers required for each program in compliance with GAAP, Federal, State and Local requirements. The hired candidate will be responsible for the implementation and maintenance of a Project-based Accounting system for the conventional housing programs and responsible for the supervision and/or preparation of the Operating Budgets for all of the programs (Housing, HAP, Development), including the housing budget submissions to HUD and other local agencies, as required. They will participate in the development and periodic revision to cost allocation systems for Authority programs.

All inquiries concerning the application process should be made in writing and directed to:

Millena Sanchez,


David Gomez & Associates, Inc.