David Gomez & Associates and Ada S. McKinley Find Chief Executive Officer

Brent Hawkins-ADA

“The DG&A team did a tremendous job assessing our organizational needs (both present and future) and screening a competitive pool of candidates. The DG&A team was extremely communicative and responsive.  Critically, DG&A was effective at pushing our committee to stay on task.  It was through their diligence and commitment that we were able to complete the search and hire our new CEO within 90 days of commencement.” 
Brent A. Hawkins, Partner, Ada S. McKinley Community Services

As one of Chicago’s largest and most-trusted human services organizations, Ada S. McKinley Community Services is dedicated to serving those who, because of disabilities or other limiting conditions, need help in finding and pursuing paths leading to healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives.  Community-based programs and a client-centered focus connect people to the tools they need for greater well-being, self-sufficiency and economic vitality.

With an annual budget of $37 million and over 640 employees, Ada S. McKinley operates 37 sites across three divisions and touches the lives of 12,000 people annually. Services include in- and after-school tutoring, college placement assistance, foster care, youth and family counseling, residential care, employment training and placement, childcare services, senior-care services, special alternative schools, and behavioral health services.  For nearly five decades, the McKinley College Preparation and Placement program has helped make it possible for more than 55,000 low-income high-school students to attend some 400 colleges and universities around the nation. 

The search committee was tasked with identifying and hiring a new Chief Executive Officer to replace an organizational icon who had been in the position for over 19 years (and with the organization for nearly 40 years).  More specifically, the search committee was tasked with evaluating, interviewing, selecting and working with an executive search firm with significant experience in replacing high level non-profit executives.  After an exhaustive screening process that included interviews and presentations, we selected David Gomez & Associates (DG&A).

In result of DG&A’s diligent search process, Jamal Malone was hired by ADA as the new Chief Executive Officer.  Jamal Malone was previously the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer for National Children’s Center, Inc. (NCC). NCC is a non-for-profit human services agency that supports people with developmental disabilities located in Washington D.C.  Among his various responsibilities at NCC, Jamal worked with the Board on reviewing programs, diversified and increased revenue for NCC schools, and cultivated new fundraising commitments.  Furthermore, Jamal is a passionate volunteer who mentors youth through school based programs and has also served on the board and fundraising committee of a non-for-profit youth organization.  Due to his extensive experience and passion for service, we trust that Jamal Malone will do a stellar job at Ada S. McKinley Community Services Inc.

Contributed by: Julie Hillgard & Jacqueline Maldonado