David Gomez & Associates Retained by United Neighborhood Organization to Fill Chief Executive Officer Role

United Neighborhood Organization

Recently, United Neighborhood Organization (UNO) has trusted David Gomez & Associates to fill the role of Chief Executive Officer.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will oversee the operation of UNO and will be responsible for the conduct and administration of the organization. The individual will be responsible for ensuring that the organization continues to find innovative approaches and funding sources for new programs that support the mission.

Through the organization’s mission, “UNO leads the transformation of the Hispanic community toward an educated, powerful and prosperous citizenry by engaging and challenging it to redefine its potential and its legacy in metropolitan Chicago and The United States of America.”

The CEO will work with the Board of Directors in order to successfully and effectively direct the organization. The selected individual must be passionate toward the mission of UNO.

UNO is a dedicated organization to the successful assimilation of Hispanics into American culture and society. The organization was founded in 1984 for this purpose.

All inquiries regarding the application process should be directed to Joseph Crotty at: jcrotty@dgai.com.

Contributed By: Erin Ratican