DG&A Completed UNO’S Search for Their Next Chief Executive Officer!

United Neighborhood Organization

Due to organizational developments, DG&A was under a tight time restraint to find the next CEO of The United Neighborhood Organization (UNO), a community group established in 1984 with the mission to honor the Hispanic Community’s roots and values and to challenge it to reach its full potential through efforts of promoting Hispanic assimilation.  UNO currently operates a network of 16 charter schools, serving over 7,500 students and families each year.  Nearly 20,000 individuals participate in UNO sponsored community events and forums annually.  Following a rich tradition in education, civic responsibility, and community leadership, the UNO network is a proven organization known for creating pathways and opportunities for the Latino population.

Within the limited time line, Richard Cerda was introduced and unanimously voted in by the board as the new CEO of UNO.  His experience includes his role as the Interim Chief Financial Officer for ALPFA in Los Angeles and over 15 years of National Public Accounting experience.  Among his many responsibilities as CFO of the largest nonprofit organization for Latino business professionals and students (over 23,000 members nationwide), Richard Cerda identified a historical disconnect between cash and revenue management, developed cash flow projection models, and implemented numerous controls and procedures to improve internal controls and reduce financial risk.  With his stellar experience and community experience, Richard is destined to accomplish many great things at UNO.

Contributed by: Jacqueline Maldonado and Julie Hillgard