DG&A Completes Norwegian Search for Vice President of Quality

Established in 1894, Norwegian American Hospital is a premier health provider (4th leading provider out of 59 area hospitals) located in Chicago, Illinois.  It is a family and community centered hospital that has served residents for 120 years, providing them with high quality, affordable health care.

After a diligent search of 89 days, DG&A filled the position with Sonya Dudley.  Sonya Dudley was previously the Senior Director of Performance Improvement at the Illinois Hospital Association.  There, she provided improvement coaching services for hospitals to improve the safety of patients and clinical outcomes.  In addition, she ensured successful implementation and execution of departmental projects and coordinated quality reunion meetings.  We wish Sonya Dudley the best in her new role at Norwegian American Hospital.

Contributed by: Jacqueline Maldonado