Midwest Express Clinic Retains DG&A to Fill Nurse Practitioner, Physician, and Controller Positions

David Gomez & Associates was recently retained by Midwest Express Clinic to fill two Nurse Practitioners, a Physician, and Controller for their locations in Munster and Schererville, IN and Willowbrook, IL. The Nurse Practitioner is responsible for many services such as family care services, all services related to injury, and conducting physical examinations at the Midwest Express Clinic. The Physician’s responsibilities include prescribing treatment and rehabilitation, performing minor surgeries and procedures, and providing medical services to all patients. The Controller is responsible for managing the clinic’s fiscal function, controlling all income expenditures, and preparing all budgets and financial reports.

The family medical care at Midwest Express Clinic prides itself on having a courteous, experienced staff that is committed to serving you and your healthcare needs. Their providers, in both Indiana and Illinois, are available after many local urgent care facilities have closed their doors for the night and offer all forms of work injury care, from muscle strain treatment to pain management and rehabilitation.

Hamza Azim will be tasked with leading this search. All inquiries concerning the application process should be directed to hazim@dgai.com or 630-686-1408.

Contributed By: Christina Sztochmal