What is Real Success?

Success Sessions with David

Life is a journey. It is a dress rehearsal for the afterlife, I believe that. I am 70 years old, and life went by in a flash. I made so many mistakes growing up, but by the grace of God, I survived, and now have the luxury of reflecting on my life.

Everyone is unique, no two people are exactly the same. Think of snowflakes or leaves, if it is true for them, why can’t it be true for us? So, no matter how I describe success, it will likely differ for you.

Life Success Secrets

One of the biggest game changers I have learned is that I no longer compare myself to anyone else, but I compare myself today to who I was yesterday. Knowing yourself from an objective standpoint is the first step to creating a successful journey in your life.

”I no longer compare myself to anyone else, but I compare myself today to who I was yesterday.“

-David Gomez, CEO

One thing we cannot do is change our past. I get asked a lot would you change your past and my answer is, “I wish I could be the man I am today and have a do-over.” I always feel like I cheated my wife Caroline because she married a damaged person influenced by his surroundings. I know if I could be the man then that I am today, we would have had such a better time in our marriage. I could have avoided the pitfalls the world pounds down your throat and focused on what was really and truly important. So today, I hardly waste any time. I only do the things that will bring me true inner peace and joy. People will say, “you couldn’t be who you are today if you weren’t who you were before.” I probably agree, but what a waste of time!

Somebody asked me what was the cause of a successful marriage? Was it giving 50-50% to each other, and I say heck no, it was giving 100-100% to each other. That is my definition of success, to have a partner who completes me and allows me to share everything together.

All things complement each other. Without first having joy in my heart, I could never look to be happy, or even begin to think about success.

How do you define success?