Workforce Solutions Alamo Executive Director Search Completed

Workforce Solutions alamo

Paula Blacklock

“On behalf of Workforce Solutions Alamo, I want to personally take the time to thank DG&A; and more specifically Chris Gomez, for the tremendous effort he put forth in our search for an Executive Director. His professionalism throughout this entire arduous process enabled us to select an individual who endured the board’s intense scrutiny and whose qualities and characteristics surpassed the demands of this high profile position. Once again, thank you for your team’s devotion in guiding us toward success.” –Search Committee Chair, Paula Blacklock

Gail Hathaway Meet your new Executive Director at Workforce Solutions Alamo (WSA): Captain Gail Hathaway.

Gail Hathaway has over 20 years of experience as an officer in the US Navy, with the last ten years of service as a senior-level executive that has successfully led complex domestic and international organizations ranging in size from 44 to 3,800 people. Captain Hathaway holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Safety and is a graduate of Naval Postgraduate School’s Aviation Safety School in Monterey, Calif.  She is board certified in Aerospace Physiology.

Her personal decorations include the Legion of Merit with two gold stars, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal with gold star, Joint Commendation Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with gold star, the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal and numerous campaign and unit awards.

Her latest role was as Senior Vice President and Commander of all Navy Medical Education and Training. In this position, Gail successfully managed and executed an operating budget of over $25M by re-engineering and standardizing the Navy’s medical modeling and simulation training program worth over $14.5M. Her staff size was 3,500 spread over 14 cities in eight (8) states.

We anticipate great things from Captain Gail Hathaway in her new role as Executive Director. Her decorated military career and accomplishments, both personal and professional, make her an incomparable candidate to lead Workforce Solutions Alamo.

About Workforce Solutions Alamo

As one of the largest workforce boards in the state of Texas, Workforce Solutions Alamo serves as the governing board for the regional workforce system in San Antonio. Their mission is to build a premier workforce in America by providing employers and residents with the opportunities, resources, and services to develop and gain a competitive edge in the global economy.

With over $70MM in annual federal funding, WSA operates 16 career centers across six divisions including:

  • Business Services Group
    • No-cost services that connect employers with job seekers, help businesses save money and plan effectively for industry changes
  • Job Seekers
    • Provides job seekers with access to an array of training and support services to help find a job/career
  • Solutions for Youth
    • Services targeting eligible 14-21 yr. olds to be introduced to job/career opportunities for an easy transition from education to employment
  • Child Care Services
    • Helps parents pay for child care while they work, go to school or participate in job training to become self-sufficient
  • Labor Market Solutions
    • Quality information and data so employers, jobseekers, and others can make informed labor and occupation decisions
  • Just in Time
    • A 90 day accelerated training program built to meet the occupational needs of employers in multiple industries

The WSA Board works in partnership with local Chief Elected Officials (CEOs), including Ivy Taylor, the Mayor of the City of San Antonio, and all of the County Judges from the 12-county Alamo region. Their membership reflects the diverse constituencies of the regional community: business, economic development, education, labor, community organizations, and government.

CEOs like, County Judge Nelson W. Wolff, are responsible for appointing members to the 25 person WSA Board of Directors and for the joint review and approval of local workforce development plans. Together the Board and CEOs provide leadership over Alamo’s workforce system ensuring that the area has an educated, skilled workforce.

 Contributed by: Christopher Gomez and Nora Schouten