Employer Tips for Working with Interns

Employer Tips for Working with Interns

Working with interns can be a valuable experience for both the intern and the company. By establishing clear expectations, providing feedback, and offering training and development opportunities, corporate companies can ensure that the internship program is a success.

Tips For Success 

Establish clear expectations: At the beginning of the internship, make sure the intern understands their responsibilities and what is expected of them. Provide a clear job description and set specific goals and objectives for the internship. 

Provide feedback: Regular feedback can help interns understand their strengths and weaknesses, and provide guidance for improvement. Schedule regular check-ins to discuss progress and provide constructive feedback.

Assign a mentor: Assigning a mentor to the intern can help them navigate the company culture and provide guidance and support throughout the internship. The mentor should be available to answer questions and provide feedback as needed.

Offer training and development opportunities: Interns are eager to learn and develop new skills. Provide training opportunities to help them improve their skills and gain new ones. 

Give them meaningful work: Interns are often eager to take on new challenges and learn as much as possible. Provide them with meaningful work that contributes to the company’s goals and allows them to gain valuable experience. 

Foster a positive company culture: A positive company culture can help interns feel valued and motivated to do their best work. Encourage a culture of teamwork, communication, and respect. 

Connect them with employees: Introduce interns to other employees and encourage them to network and learn from others in the company. This can help them build relationships and gain a better understanding of the company’s operations. 

Be flexible: Interns may have other commitments, such as classes or extracurricular activities. Be flexible with their schedules and provide opportunities for remote work if necessary. 

Offer compensation: While internships are often unpaid, providing compensation can help attract top talent and show that the company values the intern’s time and effort. 

Provide a positive reference: After the internship is complete, provide a positive reference that highlights the intern’s accomplishments and contributions to the company. This can help them in their future job searches.