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Executive Seach Pioneers

Executive Search Pioneers

An organization’s talent management is its single best sustainable competitive advantage. Using our proprietary database, expert sourcing, and research strategies, we provide you with an accurate assessment of the talent available for a particular role, industry, and location. Applying 40+ years of experience, Gomez Partners is the leader in C-Suite Executive searches and hires.

The Result: Our recruiting efforts fit seamlessly within your organization’s internal processes while aligning with your organization’s overall goals.

Diversity Career Advocates

DGP provides a broad range of consulting solutions that are instrumental to enhancing your organization’s current recruiting and hiring practices. We provide Diversity Consulting that focuses on providing minority
leadership to your organization, conduct a Team Talent Analysis to measure the effectiveness of your current team and talent pool and conduct an
Organizational Culture Analysis, ensuring the appropriate candidate-client fit.

The Result: DGP exceeds your human capital needs for diverse talent.

Business Solutions Experts

Since 1978, David Gomez Partners has served the
executive search needs of organizations in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Our senior consultants’ ongoing analysis of market and industry trends has been instrumental in serving your emerging needs, especially with transitioning leadership.

The Result: David Gomez Partners effectively assists
our clients with handling leadership transitions
smoothly by utilizing our comprehensive recruiting,
consulting expertise, and guidance.

Team Development Specialists

Specializing in creating dynamic teams, David Gomez Partners is your secret behind building a strong team of professional executives.

The Result: David Gomez Partners effectively creates compatible teams with experienced professionals to grow your organization.

Team Development Specialists

Our Placement Guarantee

David Gomez Partners GuaranteeIf in the first 12 months of employment, the hired candidate is asked to leave for reasons of under-performance, or leaves of their own volition, provided that there has not been a material change in the nature or location of the position, we will relaunch a search for a new candidate, under the original role specifications. In such a case, we will do so for no additional professional fee.

The G.R.I.T. To Get It Done.

Gomez Partners Executive Consultants go after your Goals, with Integrity and TimelinessOur long-standing principle of applying G.R.I.T. has been our guide to continued success.

The Gomez G.R.I.T. Principal


Leading with a focus on diversity and inclusion, Gomez Partners creates the process needed to exceed your hiring goals, helping your organization grow with the right people.


Our tenacious team does the hard work by applying strategic planning methods to identify and target the best and brightest your industry has to offer.


Selecting the right hire for your role takes trust and honesty with your team and potential candidates.  Gomez Partners specializes in building strong relationships with our clients and candidates, ensuring a mutually beneficial arrangement.


Time is money.  We believe in maximizing both by selecting the right candidate needed for hard-to-fill positions.  Gomez Partners is committed to the challenge to finding a viable candidate in 70 days or less…guaranteed.

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For decades, Gomez Partners has been selected as the primary firm of choice for some of the nation’s largest companies, institutions, and organizations.  Learn more about how we’ve helped our clients secure the right fit, every time.




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