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Organizations of all kinds must develop creative solutions to find, develop and retain their workforce. The public sector and governmental institutions are not exempt from hiring challenges. That’s why Gomez Partners is your public sector executive recruitment team, assisting your organization to attract talent for important and hard-to-fill leadership roles in your governmental organization.

What We Offer: Solutions for State & Local Governmental Organizations

As experienced public sector executive search experts, we extend real workforce solutions for governmental organizations across various departments and disciplines.

Some roles in the public sector and government sector we fill include:

City & County Managers

The County Manager is the chief administrator of county government and is responsible for the administration of all departments of county government.

City Managers are responsible for the interpretation and application of laws effectively while managing all interconnected operations. They create and manage the city budget, ensure city services are consistently available, represent the city as a media public figure and spokesperson, and oversee special projects and studies commissioned by the city’s council.

The Fire Chief oversees all firefighting operations and fire prevention procedures including, but not limited to, disaster relief and prevention, hazardous materials, flooding and flood damage prevention, safety and risk management. Coordinates Mutual Aid Agreements with local Fire Departments.

City & County Managers

Police, Fire & Emergency Management Chiefs

The Police Chief plans, coordinates, and directs the activities of the Police Department, manages resources and establishes departmental goals and objectives while delivering efficient and effective public safety services to the community.

The Chief of Emergency Management assesses hazards and prepares plans in response to emergencies and disasters to minimize risk to people and property. They also meet with public safety officials, private companies, and the general public to present emergency response plans and organize emergency response training for staff, volunteers, and other responders.

Finance, Economic Development, & Community Development Directors

The Director of Economic Development

The Director of Economic Development plans, organizes and implements economic development functions from conception to completion, including business retention, business attraction and incentive programs, research and planning and organizational capacity and facility development.

Public Works & Utility Directors

The Public Works Supervisor provides supervision of the maintenance, repair, and construction of various Public Works projects. They monitor work areas to prevent, identify, and remedy unsafe conditions and respond to emergency callouts for Public Works related concerns.

Public Works & Utility Directors

Public School Superintendents & Administrators

The School Superintendent promotes and supports the educational programs and achievements of their schools and educators.  They are responsible for holding public hearings on topics vital to education, and serve as the liaison between the state legislature, local school districts, the State Board of Education and local school districts.

Finance, Economic Development, & Community Development Directors

The Director of Finance is responsible for the institution’s long-term financial health and growth. They establish strategies that will earn profits, oversee accounting operations, produce accurate reports on where money is going within the business and improve or change current practices to increase efficiency.

Director of Economic Development

The Public Utilities Director works under the supervision of the city engineer or city manager to manage a city’s water treatment and sewage systems. They are responsible for maintaining equipment and budgeting for repair and replacement of equipment, as needed.

School Administrators set, monitor, and enforce school budgets, maintain academic records, assist students and faculty, and manage school staff.

Other roles we help governmental and public sector organizations fill include titles like:

Current Division Plans Managers supervise a section of the company and are responsible for that division’s success. They are responsible for organizing, planning, allocating resources, and managing the daily operations of the sector. It is also their duty to evaluate the division’s performance and develop strategies for performance improvement.

Inspector Generals are responsible for coordinating activities that promote accountability, integrity, and efficiency in government.

They provide direction and supervision, coordinate audits and investigations, and manage reviews relating to programs and operations.

Director of Government Relations

Procurement Directors are responsible for ensuring the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the purchasing process within the organization by establishing purchasing policies, managing purchasing budgets, and managing the overall purchasing processes.

Current Division Plans Managers

Senior Information Technology Managers oversee technology infrastructures and operations, ensuring the processes align with company policies and regulations. They also analyze the schematics and specifications of computer systems by maintaining their safety and security across all networks to prevent unauthorized access.

Inspector Generals

The Director of Government Relations coordinates government relations strategies with other relevant stakeholders, including organizational leaders, Board members, state and national associations, student organizations, employee unions, and government relations staff from other agencies and industries.

Procurement Directors

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